Gibraltar is a leading European on-shore domicile. Its stable business environment, robust regulatory regime and EU membership make Gibraltar an attractive choice for many insurance organisations.

Gibraltar is located at the Southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula, covering an area of 2.6 square miles. As a British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar enjoys almost complete internal autonomy, while the UK retains responsibility for foreign affairs and defence.

Over the past few decades, Gibraltar has cast aside its former reputation as a ‘tax haven’ and has re-invented itself as an EU on-shore international finance centre.

Today, Gibraltar is home is to over 90 different insurance entities, including open market insurers, captives and reinsurers.

Why Gibraltar?


Insurers and intermediaries based in Gibraltar can provide insurance in other EU Member States using their Gibraltar licence – without having to apply for a separate licence in the host territory. This means both captive and open market insurers can benefit from having a Gibraltar domicile, but with European coverage.


Robus Gibraltar

Status: British Overseas Territory
Population: 30,000 (approx.)
Time Zone: CET
Language: English (official), Spanish
Dialing code: +350
Law: Common law, based on English law
Currency: Pound Sterling (£)
GDP: £1 billion (approx.)
Corporation tax: 10%
Major sectors: Finance, tourism, gaming, shipping
Insurance regulator: Financial Services Commission (FSC)


Imagine a regulatory regime that’s as robust as the UK’s, but just a lot friendlier. In Gibraltar, the Financial Services Commission (FSC) is responsible for regulating all financial services firms, including insurers. They seek to “match” the UK’s regime, while exercising a degree of flexibility when dealing with regulated firms. This makes doing business a lot easier.


The FSC’s flexible approach ensures that required solvency levels are appropriate to your firm. The regulator encourages a stable financial services sector and so usually expects higher solvency margins than the EU minimum – but they combine this with a tailored approach to capital adequacy. As for Solvency II, the FSC has shown genuine openness and is actively engaging with the insurance industry.

Costs & Taxation

Office rents and other overheads are relatively low compared to other domiciles – and tax is low too. Corporate taxation is only 10% on taxable profits for all companies. For insurance companies, there are opportunities to reduce the effective rate even further, particularly as investment income is tax-free.

Law, language and Currency

English is the official language, the courts follow English law and the official currency is Pound Sterling. This provides a steady platform for firms with links to international markets, particularly the UK. Gibraltar also benefits from a strong infrastructure and a community of outstanding professional advisory firms.


Why not take a trip to the beach after the board meeting? With 300 days of sunshine and average temperatures of 21 degrees, we think you’ll enjoy doing business in Gibraltar.

Robus Gibraltar

Robus Gibraltar is the leading independent insurance manager in Gibraltar. Our multi-disciplinary team have experience in managing all types of insurance entity – from captives and open-market insurers, to reinsurers and intermediaries.

Our local knowledge, our strong regulatory relationships and our contacts within the local business community, ensure our clients receive the very best advice.

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